Monday, 7 January 2013

Midpoint Musings

Now that the first semester of second year is finally over, I’m (sort of) officially halfway through my degree. I am genuinely confused as to how this has happened?! Obviously I know how this has happened, but I’m shocked (and scared) at how quickly it has come around. To put my amazement and confusion into perspective, let me point out that this very time last year I had precisely one semester under my belt, and was consequently only a ninth of the way through the programme. To further illustrate my point, I realised over Christmas that by the time the festivities roll round again I will be scouting around for jobs in preparation for when I qualify! I’m starting to have palpitations so I think I’ll leave that thought process there for now, but you get my drift.

I’ve been told by many people that second year is the hardest year: not just because of the increased workload, but also due to the fact that you’re in a state of nursing limbo. I have to say that I’m starting to understand what they meant. For example, whilst I know infinitely more on all things nursing and health than I did this time last year, I still struggle to utilise this information critically in a real practice environment (read: I am rubbish at assessments). However, I am also aware that these things will come in their own good time - I am not supposed to be the finished article at this juncture (is my new mantra).

I am genuinely amazed at the transformation of myself and my peers during these last 18 months, and I am unashamedly proud of us all. With each passing day we develop and evolve into better and more competent nurses, and I for one couldn’t have hoped for more when I started on this incredible journey all those months ago.

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