Sunday, 4 September 2011

I CAN Do It(?)

So with just under two weeks to go until I become a bona fide student nurse (and breathe!), my brain, rather helpfully, is working overtime to ensure a constant stream of questions and doubts fill my mind at any given time. Of course this is all perfectly normal, and in the name of catharsis I thought I would post a selection of them here. So here we go...

Will I ever get used to vomit/diarrhoea?
Will I ever be able to spell diarrhoea without having to Google it first?
How will I react in an emergency?
Will I be able to adapt to being in education again?
How am I ever going to retain all of the information I am taught/will need?
Will third year and my dissertation actually kill me this time? (a bit dramatic this one I know!)
How am I going to react upon experiencing the death of a patient for the first time? 

I could go on... 

Should anyone have any advice or experience they would like to share in the hopes of calming my poor over-worked mind, please feel free to share!


  1. Haha, love this post! I'll have a go at answering!

    1)Some nurses never fully get used to vomit/diarrhoea, but manage to 'cope' with it! I was pleasantly surprised to find that neither phased me on my 1st day. I hate sputum!
    2)You'll find yourself writing 'loose stools' or 'type 7 stool' more than the word diarrhoea :)
    3)Some nurses thrive on emergency, some nurses hate it. Either way it's good experience & it's a good way to find out what kind of nurse you're meant to be :)
    4)You will adapt to education in your own way & will be just fine, promise
    5)You will subconsciously retain more info than you can imagine - take notes, research things that baffle you and ask lots of questions
    6)I'll let you know the answer to this when I've finished 3rd year!
    7)Most student nurses find that they want to perform 'last offices' for patients who have died. Most of us cried after, but found it a very rewarding experience. You won't have to go through it alone.

    Hope you're doing ok during your countdown... 1 week to go :D X

  2. Once again you have come to my rescue!!

    I think the best word to describe how I'm feeling at this precise moment in time is stressed! Another good one would be scared :/ Although, I have to say the support I've received from the lovely nursing community on Twitter this past week in particular has been amazing! I am super grateful to everyone, especially you! x

  3. I was feeling all the same things this time last year. I can only reassure you that it's an awesome time, and it will fly by. I have a whole new set of doubts and fears starting 2nd year!

    My experience of patient death were some of the most moving and strangely positive of my placements - it's truly a quite unique and intense privilege to be a part of. Being taught "last offices" by a male HCA who I had previously thought was a bit of a git turned out to be amazing. On reflection he taught so much, and especially about how I had misjudged him!

    Reflection is probably one of the biggest things to learn; take time to really think things through.

    Good luck!

  4. The timing of your comment is perfect! I have been panicking and stressing out like mad these past few days, so thank you for the lovely and reassuring words :)