Monday, 15 August 2011

Can I Recommend...

Since making the decision to become a nurse, and starting Florence Nursingtales, I have been introduced to a friendly little place known simply as, the online nursing community. On my travels across the world wide web, I’ve stumbled across a plethora of blogs dedicated to the wonderful world of nursing; some educational, some eye opening, and some truly moving.

And then of course there’s Twitter, which effectively acts as a microblogging facility that enables you to publish concise thoughts and information as well find other like-minded tweeple - sorry I couldn’t resist. You can follow or not follow who you like, and build your very own community based on whatever it is you are interested in.

Both have been influential and educational for me personally, and after reading a wonderful post about the importance of community and social media for nurses over at Another Agency Nurse, I thought I would follow her lead and offer a few recommendations of my own as a way of hopefully expanding the community.

So in no particular order, except for alphabetical, here are my recommendations:


Another Agency Nurse - This informative and passionate blog comes courtesy of Teresa Chinn, an RN for 15 years and now an agency nurse, who is especially dedicated to getting more nurses talking via the use of social media.

Little Nursey Blog - A wonderfully informative blog aimed primarily at current and soon-to-be student nurses, featuring an assortment of reflections and experiences from the author.

Militant Medical Nurse - Brutally yet brilliantly honest accounts of what it’s like to work on a general medical ward in an NHS hospital.

Nurchat - Another of Teresa Chinn’s projects, which is run in conjunction with the @NurChat Twitter account, offering a place for UK-based nurses to discuss a variety of issues every fortnight on Twitter.

Nurse Me - Sadly no longer updated, this is the blog of a superbly-sarcastic critical care and trauma nurse based in the U.S.

Pee and Sympathy: True Stories from an RN - Another blog that is sadly no longer updated, featuring the wonderfully written accounts of a New-York-City-based nurse. There’s some truly moving and funny stuff here, definitely one to check out.

Who to follow on Twitter 

Rather than me try and inadequately describe why you should follow the people below, click on the links and see for yourself.


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